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Ronald Hodge Appointed to Board of ABC NJ

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

Mount Laurel, NJ, 02/02/21 -- Associated Building Contractors (ABC) of New Jersey -- a non profit, board led, preeminent institution whose mission is to be the construction industry's voice with state, local, and federal government -- announces appointment of Ronald Hodge to its Board of Directors. The elected members are all esteemed regional leaders, selected to serve alongside an already impressive list of New Jersey's community' civic and business influencers to guide ABC New Jersey into a successful future.

Hodge is the President and CEO of Cornerstone PEO. Cornerstone PEO has experienced meteoric growth, quickly becoming one of the largest PEO's in the space. Hodge was appointed to the Employee Leasing Board by Florida Governor Rick Scott. During his tenure on the board, Hodge was elected by his fellow board members to serve as Chairman. Ron Hodge also serves on the board of one of the nation's most well-respected insurance agencies, American Insurance Placements. Hodge will look to leverage his 30 years of insurance industry experience and knowledge to help the construction industry find a voice in government.

About Cornerstone

Cornerstone PEO provides their clients with a comprehensive package of products & services designed to allow business leaders to focus on growing their bottom lines by relieving them of the laborious tasks associated with being an employer. Cornerstone PEO accomplishes this by establishing a "co-employment" relationship with your employees and contractually sharing the traditional employer responsibilities. Cornerstone will become responsible for employment related administrative functions, benefits administrating, payroll, processing, and wage tax reporting


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