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Cornerstone PEO and its founders have been in the PEO and insurance industry since the 1970s.  In 2015, Cornerstone PEO expanded their operations by becoming a licensed, full-service PEO.

As CEO and Owner of Cornerstone PEO, Ronald Hodge has been committed to growing Cornerstone PEO into a recognizable brand that is synonymous with quality customer service and affordable rates for every employer.  Further, to uphold and maintain a reputation of working hard for our clients every day while they work on their own craft.  Throughout Hodge's career in the insurance industry, he developed an understanding of employers frustrations with workers' compensation and the never ending distraction and hassle from a long list of state and federal agencies.  After many years of listening and planning, Hodge established Cornerstone PEO as a solution to these problems.

Since 2015, Cornerstone PEO has gained a significant presence in the PEO industry and has postured themselves for continued success.  Hodge attributes Cornerstone's success to the fact that, "Cornerstone PEO's values have not changed since we began.  We continue to work tirelessly to provide you the very best solution available, every time."

A Strong Family Dynamic

Most people will tell you not go into business with friends or family.  However, when it comes to Cornerstone PEO, that couldn't be further from the truth.


In fact, Ron Hodge credits a good deal of Cornerstone's successful growth to his team, which includes his friend of 20 years, Bill Eisenmann, who serves as an internal consultant, and Hodge's son, Stephen, who joined the PEO to help with the day-to-day operations.

“Stephen has a master’s degree in mathematics, and he was working for a large banking firm on Wall Street,” Ron says with pride. “He saw we needed help, and he came in to run operations for us. That allows me to go out and grow the company. In two years our book has tripled in size to over 1,700 clients!”

As Cornerstone grows, Hodge says he plans to continue to expand the services his PEO provides to worksite employees.

Pictured is Cornerstone CEO & Owner, Ronald Hodge (left) with his son, Stephen Hodge (right) in front of the Cornerstone PEO building

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Cornerstone Demonstrates the Value of Team Players

Nobody can do it all alone.  Teamwork is essential to accomplish anything meaningful and worthwhile.

Teamwork have always played an important role in the culture and work ethic of Cornerstone PEO and it's employees.  This mind set has extended well beyond Ron Hodge's time as a three time All American, or Stephen Hodge's Division I football career at Fordham where he was named a FCS All American.

"Sports and teamwork have been a fundamental pillar of my life.  It's no question that a team first, winning mentality has leaked out into the culture of our PEO," Ron explains.  "A large portion of our team are former athletes that competed at a high level.  They already understand what it means to be part of a team, work well with others, and have the drive to not quit until the job is done."

That teamwork is felt instantly when a company joins the Cornerstone team, where unmatched service and expertise remain a key differentiator compared to other PEOs.

Pictured is Cornerstone VP Stephen Hodge in action for the Fordham Rams

Cornerstone's executive and management teams comprise athletic accomplishments including:

9 Former NCAA Athletes

7 NCAA Records

3 NCAA All American Awards

1 Former NFL Player

1 Ironman Triathlon Finisher

3 US Open Triathlon Qualifications


With decades of combined experience, there's nothing we can't handle

Ron Hodge Headshot 1-min.jpg

Ronald Hodge

Owner & CEO

Ronald Hodge is the owner and CEO of Cornerstone PEO.  He's been in the industry for over 35 years and is constantly working to expand Cornerstone's brand and services. 

stephen hodge headshot.jpg

Stephen Hodge

Vice President

Stephen Hodge is Cornerstone's VP.  Beforehand, Stephen worked on Wall Street where he learned about business and how to become an operator.  Stephen currently manages all day to day operations in the New Jersey offices.

bill eisenmann headshot.jpg

Bill Eisenmann

Board Member & Internal Consultant

Bill Eisenmann founded American Insurance Placements in 2008 and took over the operations of Cornerstone's insurance business in 2015.  He currently is an expert in insurance products and compliance.  Bill also manages Cornerstone's Texas offices.

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