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Construction and Tradesmen

Less Hassle. Less Headaches. More Jobs.

Working in the construction industry, you strive to complete every project with the utmost quality.  Regardless of managing renovation, design, general construction or electrical projects, you know how to deliver to your customers.  When you partner with us, we help alleviate the administrative headaches that come with running a business.  Whether it's handling your payroll and employment taxes, offering competitive workers' comp coverage, maintaining compliance, managing your risk, and even administering employee benefits, we help save you time and money so you can get back to running your business.

A Perfect Fit For:

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Protect Yourself From
Claims & Lawsuits

It's against the law to be an employer without having workers' comp coverage.  As a requirement for maintaining a contractor's license, workers' comp insurance is essential to the construction industry and can represent a massive investment.  Purchasing an individual policy can be confusing and costly, instead our clients receive coverage through our large, group policy, which has significant advantages.

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Pay as You Go with No Down Payment or Upfront Costs
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24 Hour Timely Claims Management
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Lower Your Experience Modifier
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No Annual Audit or Associated Costs
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Only Pay for Employees that Worked During the Pay Period

Safety is Our #1 Concern in Regards to You and Your Workers

The construction industry ranks as one of the most dangerous industries, with one in every ten construction site workers being injured every year according to OSHA.  Worker safety and HR risk management are a constant concern, and we're here to help.

Client Representation in the Event a Claim Occurs
Return to Work Programs to Minimize Lost Productivity
Free Loss Control Survey and On Site Review of Job Site
Safety Plan Based on Your Company's Unique Risks
Compliance with Federal, State, and Local Laws
Coverage Through Employment Practice
Liability Insurance (EPLI)
Building Construction
Construction Workers

Save Time and Money

Let's face it, you didn't get into business to be bogged down with administrative work. Let us handle back office tasks so you can get back to running and scaling your business. 

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Satisfy Tax Obligations Including FICA, FUTA,
SUTA, and Medicare
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Affordable Workers' Comp Coverage and Lower
Your Experience Modifier
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Satisfy Federal, State, and Local Requirements
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Keep You Employees and Business Protected with
our Safety and Risk Management Services
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We Administer Unemployment Claims, Including
Documentation and Representation in Appeals
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Minimize Paperwork and Administrative Burdens,
Saving You Time
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Easy to Use Self Service Technology Accessed Either
Online or Via Mobile Devices

Get Started by
Scheduling a Conversation

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