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Employee Benefits

Shopping for employee benefits like health insurance is a time-consuming and frustrating task.


At CornerstonePEO, we spend a great deal of resources in finding cost-effective, comprehensive medical and benefit plans that best fit our clients. With multiple plan options and the ability to "custom tailor" plans for our clients, we will surely find a fit for you and your budget.


By pooling our employees into one group, we are able to leverage the large and diverse pool. This means savings that are passed along to our clients, and much lower annual rate increases compared to those suffered by most small businesses.

Employee Benefits
Employee Benefits

Attracting and retaining employees.

Employee Benefits
Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits
Employee Benefits

Attracting and retaining employees.



Cornerstone PEO offers two levels of benefits:

1. Client Company Level Benefits:  Client Company level benefits require the Client Company participation (although there may be no cost for the Client Company to participate). 

2. Employee level Benefits (also known as voluntary benefits):  Employee level benefits are available to all employees of Cornerstone PEO and the Client Company.

Client Company Level Benefits


Health Insurance Plans

Traditional health insurance plans with zero company contribution requirements...


Low-Cost / High-Value Health Plans

Affordable alternatives to expensive, traditional health insurance plans...

employee Level Benefits (voluntary)

Insurance Related Benefits:

Discount Benefits Programs

Life Insurance

Accident Insurance

Hospital Confinement Insurance

Dental Insurance

Critical Illness Insurance

Disability Insurance

Cancer Insurance

Personal Medical Concierge Services


Telehealth / Teletherapy / Personal Concierge

Other Benefits:


Everything you Pet Needs, all in One Place

The Total Pet Program provides for your pet's needs quickly and conveniently...

Everyday Discounts on Almost Everything

Thousands of local and national retailers offering saving to plan members... 

Personal Data Theft Protection

The only data protection that prevents data theft the moment you hit a key on ...

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