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Our Texas Office is Expanding!

The Cornerstone PEO Frisco, Texas office is expanding in 2024! Just north of Dallas, this location previously held the risk management, compliance, and workers’ compensation departments. The Cornerstone PEO Texas location has now expanded its staff, and become the new home of the employee benefits, marketing, and HR teams! 

Over the past five years, Cornerstone PEO has experienced unprecedented growth.  With this growth, Cornerstone PEO has grown its teams, personnel, products, and services to meet the client’s needs.  This is further evidence of Cornerstone PEO’s commitment to its clients, employees, and communities. 

“Our Texas office has always been a critical part of our organization. By expanding that office and these departments, we are simply furthering our national presence and our commitment to our ‘People-Focused’ promise.”

– Stephen Hodge, CEO 

As businesses are seeking options for comprehensive employee benefits while navigating this ever-changing HR landscape, Cornerstone PEO is responding. The addition of valuable team members to the Texas office provides Cornerstone PEO with the specialists necessary to serve their clients. 

Cornerstone PEO Growth in Texas Through the Years

Bill Eisenmann, the Chief Operations Officer, has been based in Texas since Cornerstone PEO's inception. Known for his versatility within the company, Bill has taken on numerous roles over the years. As Cornerstone PEO has grown, the Texas office has expanded throughout the years to enable Bill to efficiently manage our operations.

Historically, the Texas office included operational support primarily for workers' compensation, claims and risk management, and compliance. These teams will continue to operate from the Texas office.

The HR department’s relocation and expansion within the Texas office is in response to changes within the legal landscape and expectations for businesses in the United States. This HR department is staffed with experts ready to handle compliance, hiring and firing, employee relations, training, education, marketing materials, and much more. 

The latest significant update within Cornerstone PEO’s Human Resources division is the Employee Benefits department. This department is currently preparing to release exclusive health benefits offerings through Cornerstone PEO that will be available nationwide. These new benefits offerings should be available July 1st, 2024.  The employee benefits specialist will collaborate closely with clients to provide competitive employee benefits plans only available through Cornerstone PEO.

As always, Cornerstone PEO remains committed to staying People-Focused in the introduction of these health benefits plans.

How Our Texas Team Can Help You

Cornerstone PEO’s vast array of benefits packages will include a selection of premium health benefits for co-employees and their families. Cornerstone PEO is excited to assure its clients that they have heard their requests, and they are responding.  

“This is a great opportunity for us to work directly with our clients and make available to them exclusive offerings to deliver top-tier employee benefits at affordable prices. Our clients want employee benefits, just not the headaches and inflated costs associated with them… this is where we come in.

- Luna Dobles, Director of Human Resources and Employee Benefits

Navigating compliance issues remains a complex challenge for employers. Cornerstone PEO has expanded the HR department to develop robust processes and expand its capabilities to provide the support necessary for clients.

Recognizing the importance of staying informed amidst HR, compliance, legal, or other changes, Cornerstone PEO has introduced a dedicated marketing department in the Texas office to produce educational materials, empowering clients to navigate these transitions with confidence.

In essence, the expansion of the Cornerstone PEO Texas team proves the unwavering commitment to providing their clients with the support and assurance they need to focus on running their businesses smoothly while maintaining a competitive advantage in the marketplace.


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