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What Agents Need to Know About Working with Cornerstone

Working with Cornerstone

Cornerstone works with agents to provide top notch service and quality HR solutions to their clients.  We offer pay as you go workers' comp and general liability insurance, as well as payroll services, HR consulting, risk management, and employee benefits.

We work with A-rated national carriers to provide the most options and the best plans for your clients.  Unlike other PEOs, we don't own any insurance carrier so there is no conflict of interest.  We make sure you get the best service and the best product tailored specifically for your needs.

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An Agent-Oriented Sales Model

The PEO industry has been rapidly increasing year over year due to the popularity of outsourcing service models.  But, not every agent is familiar with a PEO or has one in their portfolio.  Not only are these agents leaving significant money on the table, but they could be left vulnerable if their client decides to work with a PEO directly.

Hiring a PEO can significantly increase commissions:

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Tap Into New and Diverse Revenue Streams
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Commissions Based on Total Payroll Rather than Insurance Premiums - A Much Higher Figure
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Increased Commission Potential with the Sale of Employee Benefits and Other Products
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Residuals Don't Decline Upon Renewal
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Higher Than Market Commissions

A PEO Partnership Can Help Acquire and Retain Clients

New client acquisitions are essential.  Partnering with a PEO can attract new business and keep existing customers happy.  And the best part is, when you bring business to us, YOU retain the relationship.  Meaning we don't recognize an agent of record (AOR), so commissions never transfer.  We want to establish a long term partnership with our agents, and that starts by treating them right.

Selling PEO services make your clients "stickier" by:

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Multiple Service Offerings Makes it Harder to Switch Providers
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With Over a 98% Satisfaction Rate, Satisfied Customers Stay Put
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You Become More Than Their Agent, You Become a Trusted Advisor
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You Provide the PEO Services, Meaning There's No Risk of Clients Working Directly with a PEO
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How Cornerstone Can Make
Your Life Easier

We pride ourselves in making things easier for you and your customers.  With such a fast paced landscape, every minute matters.  Gain a competitive advantage by working with a PEO whose attention to detail, efficiency, and industry expertise remain key differentiators within the PEO market.

Save time and help your clients save money:

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We Handle all Paperwork and Certifications, so You Can Focus on Selling
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Submit Applications and Files Online
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We Generate Quotes Fast So There's No Waiting Around
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Access Agent and Client Resources Through Our Agent Portal

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