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Staffing and Temporary Agencies

Solutions for the Staffing Industry

Working in the staffing industry can be tough to manage due to multiple employees being assigned to different jobs. Luckily, the staffing industry has become our "bread and butter" and we offer solutions to make sure employees get paid on time and accurately.  We help increase work productivity while improving employee satisfaction.

A Perfect Fit For:

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Industrial Staffing

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Construction Staffing

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Clerical Staffing

medical staffing.jpg

Medical Staffing

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IT Staffing

Business People Applauding

Seamless Payroll For Complex Situations

The staffing industry consists of hiring multiple employees and sending them to multiple jobs.  That's a lot of moving parts and the administrative headaches can quickly add up.  That's why we make things simple.  Combined with our expertise and software, never worry about paying your employees again.

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Multiple Pay Types for Employees Make Payroll Simple
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Multi-State Payrolls for Our of State Jobs
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Automatic Deductions and Tax Withholdings From Employee Wages
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Remittance Depending on Local, State, and Federal Laws
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Easy to Use Technology that Makes Payroll Seamless
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Creation, Distribution, and Filing of W-2s & W-3s

Big Benefits for Small Businesses

Studies have shown that employers that offer healthcare and other employee benefits have an easier time attracting and retaining top talent.  When you partner with Cornerstone, you get access to the same benefits offerings as large Fortune 500 companies at a fraction of the cost.  No matter what, we can meet your needs based off your unique situation and budget.

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Multiple Options from National Carriers
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ACA and COBRA Compliance
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We Handle All Communications with Carriers
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We Take Care of the Entire Benefits Administration Process
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Manage Bill Escalations, Claims, and Service Issues
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Lower Employee Turnover

Save Time and Money

Let's face it, you didn't get into business to be bogged down with administrative work.  Let us handle back office tasks so you can get back to running and scaling your business.

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Satisfy Tax Obligations Including FICA, FUTA, SUTA, and Medicare
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Affordable Workers' Comp Coverage and Lower Your Experience Modfier
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Keep Your Employees and Business Protected with our Safety and Risk Management Services
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Satisfy Federal, State, and Local Requirements
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We Administer Unemployment Claims, Including Documentation and Representation in Appeals
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Minimize Paperwork and Administrative Burdens, Saving You Time
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Easy to Use Self Service Technology Accessed Either Online or Via Mobile Devices

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