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What Is a PEO?

PEOs Explained

PEO is an acronym for Professional Employer Organization.  PEOs specialize in payroll, workers' comp, risk management, payroll taxes, and HR services.  A PEO provides services which allows businesses to cost effectively outsource necessary functions which require an increased degree of expertise.  This arrangement helps the business to more clearly focus time and resources on their core competencies and increase their bottom line.

The Benefits of PEOs

Increased Revenue.png

40% Higher Revenue Growth

ee turnover.jpg

Lower Employee Turnover by 30%

closed business.png

50% Less Likely to Close

Save on HR.png

Save 35% on HR Administration


Save 52% on Tax Compliance

Co-Employment Management

When working with Cornerstone, you gain a valuable partner.  We handle HR responsibilities, which is the backbone of the Professional Employer Organization (PEO) model.  Your risk becomes our risk which means our interests are aligned.

Under a contract of co-employment, both the business and the PEO have a relationship with each individual employee.  The PEO becomes the employer of record for tax purposes and assumes responsibility for payroll and related payroll tax filing, and unemployment or workers' comp claims.  The business retains full ownership of the company and continues to direct day to day operation, hiring/firing of staff, determining wages, and strategic business decisions.  The PEO acts as an extended "back office".

Is a PEO Right For You and Your Business?

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What Can a PEO Help With?


Payroll & Employment Taxes


Risk Management & Compliance


Workers' Comp Coverage


Benefits & Retirement Savings


Human Resources

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