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How Your Business Can Utilize a PEO for Human Resources Management

Incorporating a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) into your business strategy offers multifaceted advantages, extending from streamlined payroll administration to comprehensive HR support.

As an employer seeking enhanced operational efficiency, you might be contemplating the potential benefits of engaging with a PEO. Exploring the capabilities of the Human Resources (HR) department within a PEO reveals numerous avenues for support. Yet, maximizing the potential of this collaboration necessitates an understanding of the crucial roles a PEO can fulfill in advancing your goals.

When you enter into this partnership, you will have access to various resources. However, managing these effectively can be challenging if you're not familiar with how to utilize them to streamline your operations. The Human Resources documents, links, and contacts you gain access to can be extremely useful, provided you understand how to engage with them and the procedures in place to obtain their assistance.

The Human Resources department of a PEO is designed to complement rather than replace your in-house team. To delve deeper into the intended roles of a PEO compared to a traditional HR team, check out the linked blog below for further insights.

In particular, aspects of your HR department that often require support can benefit from collaboration with a PEO. This enables you, as the employer, to allocate your time more efficiently, rather than being occupied with tasks such as document compilation, list creation, or staying abreast of evolving regulations and mandated acts in your jurisdiction.

While PEOs are commonly engaged for payroll and workers’ compensation administration, their scope extends beyond these functions, contingent upon your company's requirements. However, it's crucial to engage a PEO equipped with experts capable of assisting you comprehensively across all operational facets, including HR.  

Specific Ways a PEO can assist you with HR

The following list delineates specific ways in which a PEO can support your Human Resources functions, reducing ambiguity. However, it's worth noting that the comprehensive range of assistance PEOs can offer is extensive. Therefore, we have condensed a selection of key ways in which a PEO can be beneficial to your HR operations.

Training Videos

As an employer, access to certain training videos is crucial, particularly those mandated by regulatory bodies such as your state or county. One such essential training is the Sexual Harassment Training, a requisite under California law. A PEO can offer comprehensive guidance on this mandatory training, facilitating access to pertinent information and providing links or downloadable videos for your organizational use.

Safety Videos

Depending on the nature of your business and the specifics of your worksite, there arises a critical need for a diverse range of safety videos readily available to train your employees effectively. Essential among these are videos addressing key safety concerns such as eye safety in construction environments or mandated topics like first aid. Access to these videos ensures comprehensive education and adherence to safety protocols within your workplace.

Printable Posters

In every jurisdiction, employers are mandated to display posters that communicate essential legal and compliance information to their employees. These posters encompass a wide range of topics vital for workplace safety, rights, and regulations. Examples include posters detailing emergency exit and evacuation plans, the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), workers' compensation benefits, among others, with numerous mandates existing nationwide.

Downloadable Policies and Procedures Documents

Maintaining awareness of policy changes poses a significant challenge for busy business owners, as their time is often absorbed by various operational demands. Accessing policy updates in straightforward, downloadable formats with easily understandable language proves invaluable in ensuring compliance and staying ahead of regulatory changes.

Benefits Guide

When partnering with a PEO, leveraging their expertise extends beyond just accessing benefits for employees. It entails equipping yourself with a comprehensive benefits guide detailing offerings and associated pricing, crucial for transparent communication with your workforce. A PEO streamlines this process by furnishing pre-formatted guides, simplifying the acquisition of benefits and facilitating seamless dissemination of vital information to employees.

Employee Handbooks

Ensuring that new hires are promptly acquainted with updated policies and procedures for your employee handbook can present logistical challenges. A PEO offers tailored employee handbook templates specific to your jurisdiction, allowing you to customize the content according to your organizational needs. This allows you to effortlessly adapt policies and procedures, ensuring alignment with your company, before disseminating this vital information to your employees.

Direct Links to Federal, State, and County Updated Laws

You can receive timely updates on evolving laws or newly mandated regulations that impact your business and employees via email blasts or direct communication with your dedicated Client Service Representative (CSR). This proactive approach ensures that you, as the employer, stay compliant with regulatory changes without the need for independent and continuous research efforts.

Sample Interview Questions

PEO-provided software not only furnishes downloadable sample interview questions for both hiring and exit interviews but also ensures seamless navigation through these crucial conversations. By accessing these comprehensive resources, you equip yourself with the necessary tools to conduct effective interviews and gather pertinent information from both prospective and departing employees. This streamlined approach fosters efficient communication and informed decision-making.

Downloadable Breakdowns of Specific Acts

Grasping the intricacies of various acts and effectively integrating them into your business procedures can pose a significant challenge. Essential regulations, such as the Age Discrimination in Employment Act or the Fair Credit Reporting Act, require meticulous understanding and application. PEOs offer support by providing detailed breakdowns of these acts, and others, empowering you to navigate complex legal landscapes with confidence and ensure compliance within your organization.

New Hire and Termination Checklists

The process of hiring a new employee or terminating an existing one is not only challenging but also entails various intricate steps. By utilizing PEO-provided tools and support, you can enhance efficiency and ensure comprehensive coverage throughout the entire employment lifecycle. With resources from a PEO, you can navigate these complex processes with confidence, minimizing errors and oversights to uphold organizational integrity and compliance standards.

If you're currently a valued client of Cornerstone PEO, your dedicated Client Service Representative (CSR) is readily available to provide personalized assistance and address any inquiries related to the topics discussed above. Additionally, you can conveniently access our comprehensive HR documents in the provided links through HR Corner or within your onboarding materials.

For those considering partnering with Cornerstone PEO and interested in accessing these invaluable resources, we invite you to reach out to us for further information. Our team is here to support you every step of the way.


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