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Cornerstone PEO: A New Look

The Cornerstone PEO team is proud to announce that we have a new logo. This rebrand was prompted by our accelerated growth and increasing national footprint within the PEO industry. We have made the strategic decision to change our logo into something more synonymous with the Cornerstone PEO brand and something that will be recognized for years to come.

Our new logo illustrates a cornerstone. Much like an actual cornerstone, we aim to strengthen the foundation of your business by providing affordable services such as payroll administration, employee benefits, and workers’ compensation as well as risk management services.

“I really like the new look,” explains Cornerstone CEO and President, Ron Hodge. “As we continue to grow as a PEO and upgrade our services to our clients, I think it is time to upgrade our logo as well. Our original logo was the first for our company and has some sentimental value to me. However, I am excited to showcase our rebrand and have a logo that reflects the direction the company is heading.”

Our new logo is more than just a new look, it also comes with new products that truly set us apart from our competitors. Around the first of the upcoming year, we will be unveiling our new software solution for time & attendance, and HR management. This is just another example of how we are continuing to leverage technology and software systems to better serve our clients.

Although our look may have changed, we still pride ourselves on excellent customer service and the other staples that make Cornerstone PEO so great.


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