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Are You Ready to Work
with a PEO?

How to Know if a PEO is Right For You?

Running a business can be incredibly challenging.  Responsibilities can quickly add up in human resources and many of the associated tasks aren't core business functions.  Keeping up to date with employment laws, managing risks and liabilities, handling payroll, paying employment taxes, and administering employee benefits can keep you away from actually running your business.

Take the short quiz below to see if partnering with a PEO makes sense for you.

Take Our Quiz
Do you spend a lot of time on HR administrative tasks like onboarding new employees, calculating payroll, managing unemeployment claims and creating policies?
Are you confident with your knowledge of HR related regulations and that you comply with Federal, State, and Local laws?
Is your company's benefits offering able to attract and retain talented employees?
Do you have access to technology to easily access employee records, tax documents, pay stubs, benefits, and reporting?
Do you have any safety plans in place for avoiding accidents in the workplace and for managing the cost of workers' comp claims?
Are you confident that you're getting the most affordable rates for workers' comp coverage?

Thanks for submitting!

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