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  • Is this Workers’ Compensation Insurance?
    Although Workers’ Compensation is part of what CornerstonePEO provides, it's much more than a policy. When you partner with Cornerstone, we work for you as your back office support with many services that go abover and beyond a traditional policy. We provide affordable and effective loss control services, along with aggressive claims management, that keep our client's rates law and losses to a minimum. Click here to learn about our Loss Control Services!
  • Why should I consider CornerstonePEO?
    It will save you valuable resources–money and time. Any normal business, whether operating internally or outsourcing, must pay payroll taxes, file State and Federal tax reports, and handle claims for Workers’Compensation insurance and Unemployment. With Cornerstone, you are relieved of all of these functions; CornerstonePEO assumes all of these responsibilities. Additionally, CornerstonePEO likely maintains a lower State Unemployment Tax Rate than your company currently receives. This means the savings are passed onto our clients, and your rate is less likely to increase every year.
  • What if I already use a PEO?
    All the better! You are already familiar with the concept of a PEO, so you understand the benefits. Once you contact us for a free quote, we can deterimine your savings over your current program. Just a few questions and we can help you see what Cornerstone can offer you. CornerstonePEO provides best in class customer service along with customizable solutions to fit your business's individual needs.
  • What if I already use a payroll service?
    No problem. CornerstonePEO provides additional services well above and beyond a traditional payroll company. As a small example, we will file, remit, and pay you and your employee's payroll taxes on your behalf. Typically, even with these increased services, you'lll see a generous savings versus your current payroll provider.
  • How long have you been in this business?
    CornerstonePEO and its executives have been in the insurance and staffing industries since 1976. We have been providing PEO services to our clients since 2013.
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