#4 HR Support and Customer Service

Business owners who work with a PEO have the benefit of having HR Support and Customer Service in some form or another. These functions are typically handled by an office manager, executive assistant or in some cases the owner for businesses who are not using a PEO and handling these functions in-house. Whoever is handling these services in-house is dedicating time and effort every week to stay on top of the latest HR topics and issues without having much support or service in that area. Even if you don’t have a direct cost for HR functions, there still is a cost because someone who is being paid to handle certain areas of the business is now having to spend their time taking care of the HR side of the business. In this ever changing world, HR is more important than ever and businesses must make sure they handle HR issues correctly or they could be looking at large lawsuits brought against them. HR is a headache for any business to handle and without the proper support a company can really struggle in this area. Here are some of the headaches that companies face when handling HR Support and other similar services in-house:

· HR Administration: Navigating the HR landscape can be a very tough task for any small business, and there are too many federal and state laws pertaining to HR for a small business to keep track of. Did you know that the Department of Labor (DOL) administers and enforces more than 180 federal laws, with over 80 new HR laws introduced last year? Additionally, some states have more state than federal HR-related laws!

· Onboarding: Onboarding of new employees can be a hassle and lead to employees start dates being delayed because they feel as if the onboarding process was not smooth and therefore an indicator of the company itself. HR leaders don’t disagree, and 76% of HR leaders say that employee onboarding practices are underutilized at their organizations.

· Customer Support: Businesses that do not outsource their payroll and HR functions will be left without any support in those areas except for the slow online support they may get through the software they utilize to do their payroll and HR in-house. Even at the large outsourcing payroll and HR companies, you are never talking to the same customer service rep and most times your calls are directed to a call center that may not be in the United States. This can lead to delays in getting the information you need and become very frustrating!

· COVID-19: This year has been very different for business owners of all sizes, and much of that is related to the COVID-19 pandemic. This pandemic really made navigating the business landscape even more difficult and without the proper resources on COVID-19 related topics, how will a business owner know how to handle certain issues on this topic?

A business owner may look at the above information and cringe at the thought of continuing to handle their HR functions in-house, but do not worry because with CornerstonePEO you have a team of support to help you navigate through this ever changing business world we live in!

· HR Administration: CornerstonePEO has a team of HR experts that can help navigate our clients through the changing HR topics both at the state and federal level. Also, if you have a question on how to handle a certain HR-related incident or issue, CornerstonePEO is just a phone call away. Aside from the headache that we can save business owners from, PEO clients have an average of 35% savings on HR administration!

· Onboarding: CornerstonePEO has an efficient, completely electronic onboarding process that walks employees through the onboarding process one step at a time. This simplified process allows the employee to get through all the proper onboarding documents within minutes so they can go back to focusing on their work tasks at hand. Also, we have Spanish versions of our applications and onboarding documents so if any of your employees feel more comfortable using documents written in Spanish, they have that option.

· Customer Support: At CornerstonePEO we are very proud of our competitive pricing and we are extremely proud of our customer service. When you work with CornerstonePEO, you have one single point of contact and you will never be sent to a call center or get bounced around from phone to phone to speak to the right person. CornerstonePEO is a fast-growing company, but we have maintained that small business feel and our customer service team treats you as if you are one of our own!

· COVID-19: This pandemic that we have been going through in 2020 has been tough on many small businesses, and it is tough to figure out what resources you can trust when learning more about business operations during this pandemic. With our HR Support Team and Customer Service team, we will provide you the resources you need to manage your employees and company during these very different times. Even for those who are not clients of ours, we urge you to check out our COVID-19 section of our website (www.cornerstonepeo.com) and see some of these resources for yourself!