CornerstonePEO and its founders have been in the PEO and insurance industry since the 1970s.  In 2015, CornerstonePEO expanded their operations by becoming a licensed, full-service PEO. 

As CEO & Owner of CornerstonePEO, Ronald Hodge has been committed to growing CornerstonePEO into a recognizable brand that is synonymous with quality customer service and affordable rates for every employer.  Further, to uphold and maintain a reputation of working hard for our clients every day while they work on their own craft.  Throughout Hodge's career in the insurance industry, he developed an understanding of employers frustrations with workers’ compensation and the never ending distraction and hassle from a long list of state and federal agencies.  After many years of listening and planning,  Hodge established CornerstonePEO as a solution to these problems


Since 2015, CornerstonePEO has gained a significant presence in the PEO industry and has postured themselves for continued success.  Hodge attributes Cornerstone's success to the fact that, "CornerstonePEO's values have not changed since we began. We continue to work tirelessly  to provide you the very best solution available, every time”.


  • Award Winning Payroll Service
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Aggressive Claims Management
  • Best-In-Class Customer Service
  • Cutting Edge Technology
  • Innovative Solution